Secured Virtual Tour

Advanced feature #1

Sometimes you don't want to leave your Virtual Tour open to the public.

- The content of the virtual is dedicated to a specific audience

- The owner doesn't want his property to be seen by everyone but only on access demand basis and for a limited period of time.

The Secured Virtual Tour advanced feature allows you to make your Virtual Tour private.

How this feature works:

  • First, you need to go to the "Add-On" section of your virtual tour and activate this feature.

From the moment you activate this feature, your virtual tour won't be open to the public anymore. You will receive an email/SMS (depending on the notifications settings) to alert you on that point.

Option 1

  • You can make your Virtual Tours private for a certain period of time by setting up the starting date/time and ending date/time. Once the ending date/time is reached, the Virtual Tour will return "Public".
  • Create a general password and give it to your visitors to access the Virtual Tour

Everyone with this password can access the Virtual Tour without limit of duration of number of time. Consider giving a nominative access for more control on who is accessing your Virtual Tour.

Option 2

  • Create an Access List of visitors that will have the following parameters:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Mobile phone
    • Password
    • Limit of simultaneous access
    • Starting and ending period of time the access is granted
  • You can send an automatic email/SMS to the visitor with the details of his credentials for this Virtual Tour
    Option 3
  • You can also let the visitor asking for an access. Therefore, when a visitor will open your Virtual Tour, he will be invited to send you an access request and you will receive email/SMS. If you accept the request, you can easily send him back the password or create a dedicated access for him.

This feature is requires PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan.