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How to capture a 360° panoramic picture with your smartphone?

How to capture a 360° panoramic picture with your smartphone? You can use your smartphone without any accessory and you will be able to capture very nice 360° panoramic pictures for your Virtual Tours.

Our 360tovisit solution doesn't require any equipment to capture 360° panorama.
Let see how you can capture easily, and without any accessory, nice 360° pictures with your smartphone.

Obviously, you need a smartphone with a camera to capture pictures!
Then, you need to use either way:

  • The panoramic mode of your smartphone camera
  1. Panoramic mode of your smartphone camera
    In most of the smartphones, the camera application has a "pano" or  "panoramic" mode (depending on the brand and model).
    In this mode, you can capture a panoramic picture.
    The process to capture a picture in "panoramic" mode is similar with many smartphones. Please refer to your camera for the process.
  2. Google Card Board Camera
    This mobile and tablet app is free and available on both Apple app store and Android Google play store.
    This app is doing almost the same job as the "pano" mode of the smartphone. However, and that is the key point, Google Card Board Camera adds a feature that stitches both sides of the panorama picture to create a seamless 360° panoramic picture.
    And that is great as it makes possible, for free, and without any accessory, to capture a 360° picture with your smartphone.

You will find below the link of a tutorial video showing you how to successfully capture a 360° panorama with Google Card Board Camera.

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