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How to capture a 360° panorama with your 360° camera?

This article review the process of capturing 360° panoramas with a 360° camera

Our 360tovisit solution accepts any kind of 360° panoramas coming from any brand and model, as long as the file format is either .JPG or .PNG and is an equirectangular panorama.
We cannot proceed the picture file composed of 2x 180° pictures, as they need to be pre-processed (Stitch together) by the camera manufacturer software prior the upload on our app.

The process to capture a 360° panoramas is easy and fast. However, you need to follow our advices to ensure smooth and good result:

  • Install the camera on a tripod in the center of any room you want to capture
  • The 360° camera must be at eye level for the capture
  • You need to leave the room or hide from the camera to avoid to be present in the panorama. You can control your camera with your smartphone app or you can use a timer feature of the camera (if any, e.g Ricoh Theta, Insta360 cameras, ...)

You will find below a tutorial video on how to use your 360° camera to capture panoramas.