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Dos and Don'ts about the panoramas pictures upload - IMPORTANT

Dos and Don'ts about the panoramas pictures upload - IMPORTANT This article shows the pictures not compatible with our platform

Our 360tovisit solution accepts the 360° panoramas, but also 360° panoramic pictures, and even the pictures which are not 360°.

HOWEVER, you must remember, uploading a regular picture (a picture with a ratio width/height of 4:3 or 3:2) in our platform will create a very bad display of this picture once published on your Virtual Tour. Those pictures will appear distorted (Cf. illustration below).

In order to be displayed properly, you need to upload only panoramic pictures or 360° panoramas.

What is a panoramic picture?
A panoramic picture is a picture that has a ratio where the width is far much larger than the height. You can create such panoramic pictures with your smartphone without any accessory. Please refer to this article.

If you are not sure about the ratio or are not familiar with that concept, the easiest is to try to upload your picture and see how it goes on our platform.

What is a 360° panorama?
A 360° panorama is a picture generated by any 360° camera.
Nowadays, the vast majority of the 360° camera manufacturers export the pictures in  equirectangular format, which are pictures with a ratio of 2:1 (the width is 2x larger than the height, 360° x 180°). Please refer to this article.

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